About us

Crackerjack which opened in April 2011, is owned by Annette van Hout and Fiona Stewart.

Both ladies are mum’s to an adopted daughter in Grade Six and the idea was borne from attending Children’s parties with their daughter from the age of two.  Both ladies have extensive history in the Hospitality Industry.

Fiona has been a General Manager for five properties, worked as a private consultant for independent hotel owners and opened seven properties from scratch as project-co-ordinator.  Fiona owns a second business Hospitality Concepts, which runs Mystery Customer Programs for the Hospitality Industry, focusing on the monitoring of service levels within the hotel groups and was an Assessor for the National Tourism Grading Council which awards star grading to their properties for twelve years.  Fiona works as a standards consultant for quite a few South African Hotel Groups.

Annette has extensive background in accounts, and human resources, having been the HR manager for Gallagher Estates for five years.  Annette is a qualified Staff Nurse, and controls all admin functions for the ladies businesses.  Annette operates and manufactures gifts for Crackerjack Gifts

Both the ladies have extensive function planning and execution experience and have gained a reputation at running successful birthday and Christmas parties for their daughter and her school friends on an annual basis.  The ladies also operate Crackerjack Guest House which facilitates overnight stays and corporate meetings.

The ladies goal is to create a magical party experience at Crackerjack for one and all.